About us

The National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Mechanical Products for Building Materials Industry (hereinafter referred to as the national center) was established in 1992, approved by the former National Building Materials Industry Bureau. It belongs to Beijing Zhongyanguoxin Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd, a wholly state-owned enterprise by Building Materials Industry Technology Supervision and Research Center. It is the only statutory national and industry-level professional quality inspection agency for building material machinery product. Both the national center and Beijing Zhongyanguoxin Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd possess the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institution issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China, and both have building materials machinery inspection and testing qualification.

The national center has 20 employees, including 5 senior engineers and 10 engineers. There are comprehensive office, inspection department I, inspection Department II, inspection Department III, non-destructive testing department and physical-chemical laboratory. The national center has first-class testing laboratory and advanced portable testing equipment. The laboratory covers an area of 310m², with 270 sets of testing equipment.

Inspection scope include: Inspection parameters cover all technical requirements and inspection items of mechanical products; Inspection products cover cement machinery, concrete and cement products machinery, glass machinery and deep processing machinery, glass fiber machinery, wall machinery, building and sanitary ceramics machinery, light weight and decoration materials machinery, non-metallic ore and products machinery, stone machinery, sand and gravel aggregate machinery, gypsum machinery, composite materials machinery, lime machinery, waterproof machinery, building materials instrument etc.  

The Center follows the "scientific and realistic, accurate and impartial, thorough and orderly, high quality and efficient" service purpose, has undertaken building materials machinery products’ national supervision and spot check, entrusted inspection(ex-factory inspection, delivery inspection, science and technology evaluation inspection, high-tech product identification inspection, standard verification inspection, standard inspection, excellent supplier inspection, quality system certification inspection, product certification inspection), equipment supervision, third part supervision and inspection, product quality appraisal inspection, arbitration inspection.

The staff of the national center have rich practical experience in the design, process, manufacturing and inspection of building materials machinery, with solid theoretical and professional knowledge and advanced inspection technology. Participated in the compilation and revision of national standards, industry standards and group standards, and was responsible for the training of industry inspectors. At the same time, we can provide enterprises with equipment manufacturing technology, quality inspection technology, quality analysis and diagnosis, engineering consulting and other services.

The national center has been established for nearly 30 years, dedicated to providing inspection and testing services for building materials machinery industry, and has played a positive role in the technological progress and product quality improvement of building materials equipment in China, which have been recognized and praised by industry colleagues and domestic and foreign customers. The center has already become the world's influential and well-known agency in building materials machinery inspection, equipment supervision, consulting services.